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The form below allows the SmileFast team to understand a little more about you and gather some simple information which then allows us to quickly share them with a dentist local to you who can help you begin your SmileFast journey to smile confidence.
My name is I am a years old wanting to see if SmileFast can help me improve my smile.
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Are you embarrassed about your smile?
Do you smile without showing your teeth or cover your mouth when smiling?
Does your smile and your teeth make you feel sad?
Do you dislike the colour of your teeth?
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Do you feel you have spaces or gaps between your teeth?
Do you want 'perfect' or 'hollywood' teeth?
Do you want natural-looking teeth?
Do you like your teeth in general, but just wish they were a little straighter and whiter?
Do you mostly dislike your teeth and feel they need a complete overhaul?
Do your teeth cause you pain or discomfort?
Have you seen a dentist and hygienist in the last 6 months?
Do you have a job which where your speech or elocution is vital?
Do you wish to keep your treatment a secret?
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